St Lucia Real Estate Tips: 3 Locations With the Best Views on the Island

No matter where you are in St Lucia, there is something beautiful to behold, be it the sparkling Caribbean Sea or mountains cloaked in verdure. With amazing views everywhere you turn, choosing my favorite locations was a daunting task! However, after much site seeing I have managed to narrow down the 3 best locations for St Lucia real estate with eye-popping views!Morne Fortune Morne Fortune is one of the most enchanting parts of St Lucia. At 900 ft high, the Morne, as it is commonly called, towers over the capital city and commands views of the entire northwest coastline of St Lucia, with all its bays, beaches and rugged beauty. On clear nights, the lights of cars driving in Martinique, across 50 miles of Caribbean Sea, are as clear as if they were in Gros Islet.The Morne is steep in gradients and steeped in history. It is the site of colonial mansions such as Government House, the Johnson’s Memorial Home and the Pink Plantation restaurant. At the summit of the Morne, draped in clouds, is the 18th century brown brick military fort, which is the campus of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. The college is a popular stop on island tours where people visit the scenic war monument as well as the namesake Nobel Laureate’s grave. All over the Morne, there are gigantic trees, which look like they have stood for centuries.Rodney HeightsThe upscale Rodney Heights neighborhood is usually high on the checklist for people seeking St Lucia real estate with sea views. As the name indicates, Rodney Heights is on a hill overlooking Rodney Bay. Depending on their exact location, houses at Rodney Heights boast views of Pigeon Island, the Caribbean Sea or the Rodney Bay marina. At night, with the town lit up, the views are electrifying!One of the strongest features of Rodney Heights is its convenient location. All of the homes in this area are within a 5 minute drive of the beautiful beaches at Reduit and Pigeon Island. Rodney Bay is also alive with shopping malls, restaurants, bars and St Lucia’s only casino. This is an in demand area, suited for people who want high quality St Lucia real estate. Sea view villas average about US$1,000,000.VigieSt Lucia real estate in Vigie is unique for many reasons. It is a peninsular accessible only via a scenic drive along the most popular beach in Castries. Almost completely surrounded by the sea, practically every house at Vigie has a spectacular view. North facing houses overlook Vigie beach, Choc Bay and Pigeon Island. South facing houses overlook Castries harbor, and La Toc beach.Though only 5 minutes from the city of Castries, Vigie feels like it is tucked away. Homes tend to be on relatively large lots, which gives a sense of privacy. It is a well established neighborhood and is home to many institutions such as the Mexican, French and Venezuelan embassies. The Vigie lighthouse, with its 360 degree view, is a popular look-out point.St Lucia real estate is all about amazing views! There are so many great locations to choose from, house hunters may have a hard time picking their favorites, I certainly did! From historic to modern, secluded to urban, there is an amazing variety to from which to find your dream home!

Home Buying Tips – How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Navigating the current real estate market is no easy task, especially for novices. If you are in considering either buying or selling your first home a skilled real estate agent can make the task easier and assist in getting you the most bang for your housing dollar. A qualified agent can help consumers better navigate the new landscape of the real estate market as it is their job to stay up to date on all the current industry news while the wrong one can make any real estate transaction painful to endure.Your real estate agent has the power to set the entire tone for any property transaction that will be conducted, making the selection process of your rep incredibly important. Although selecting your broker may seem as challenging as locating that stray needle in a haystack, there are some simple steps you can take to make the process easier:
Hunt and Gather: Real estate agents are a dime a dozen and the first step is to build a list of all potential candidates. Feel free to ask friends and family whom they used for their last home transaction. They will honestly tell you who their agent was and if they would recommend their services.
Research: Before interviewing prospective agents, you should take the time to get to know yourself and your housing needs a bit better. Ask friends and family for recommendations and feel free to check out your prospective agent by conducting a web search on them.

Screen Potential Candidates: Privacy and the Internet do not necessarily go hand in hand and that makes it easy to find out the inside scoop on potential agents.. Once you have the names of your potential real estate agents, plug their info into the browser of your favorite search engine and see if you unearth. If there are any comments about your potential broker, either good or bad, chances are you can find them online and judge for yourself.
Interview: Regardless of whether you are planning on buying or selling your home, you will spend plenty of time with your agent. During the interview the potential broker should be able to provide you detailed answers based on your initial research and you should like the way they respond. Their personality has the power to make or break any deal and affect your bottom line.
Contract: Once you decide on your perfect representative, you will be required to sign a contract with them. The document will include such terms as their fee and “exclusive” limitations.